The reason I write

Hi, Girlfriends and Guy friends.

I’m Gretty, and welcome to my blog.

My life drastically changed at 57 when my husband and I hit the road full-time in an RV. Trust me.

It was highly unlikely that I’d be a full-time RV’er (more on that later) but here I am. Here’s the deal.

I really really love my new lifestyle. I enjoy adventure, change, meeting new people, experiencing different climates, visiting new communities, etc.

And, I love my man. Really.

He is kind, sweet, honest, full of integrity, and willing to watch chick flicks with me.

But honestly? John is a guy.

His brain thinks differently than mine. Since we have been full-time RV’ers,

I miss hanging out with my girlfriends. If you are a nomad like me, I bet you are shaking your head!

So, I thought, if I want to connect with girlfriends on (and off) the road, and I have some funny stories to tell, maybe I should begin a virtual coffee shop where we can gather to chat, laugh, commiserate, and do life together?

Plus, last year I felt a tug to share personal stories of challenges and joys in my unique RV life.

It’s like you can peek inside my diary!

This blog is for you if

  • You are a woman, (but guys you can read it too!)
  • You are an Unlikely RV’er like me.
  • Your shining ‘dream life’ has had some hiccups.
  • You’ve experienced divorce or loss of a long term relationship.
  • You’re looking for healthier ways to enjoy relationships.
  • You’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the challenges of living in an RV full time.
  • You like blue nail polish (just kidding!)
  • You want to learn from my relationship mistakes.
  • You need a good laugh.

It’s the truth. Men just don’t think as we do.

They are waffle thinkers. We are spaghetti thinkers.

Men stay in their square until it’s time to move to another topic or task

.But we girlfriends? Our thoughts, feelings, and activities weave, turn, and circle around as we process a topic or task.

My brain says this:Hey-I-woke-up-and-have-so-many-things-I-wanna-research-but-must-dump-the-tanks-first-oh-hi!-new-neighbors-walking-their-cute-dog-back-to-dumping-the-tanks-listen-to-that-bird-up-there-um-what-was-I-doing?-back-to-checking-out-that-hike-adventure-but-look-what-splattered-on-my-cute-sanuks-where-did-I-store-those-paper-towels-kind-of-day.

My man’s brain says: I am going to research a hike that we can do this week. 30 minutes later (after ignoring my interruptions, the phone ringing and the dog bringing toys to him)….Oh, here are three options for that hike, and let’s make a decision so I can eat breakfast next.

I hope to encourage you by

  • Promising to be real and vulnerable with you.
  • Giving you a voice to respond.
  • Letting you know you are not alone.

What you’ll learn

  • You are not alone!
  • How to see the joy in the small things in life.
  • The importance of deepening our relationships on and off the road.
  • How to have fun wherever you are.
  • Finding the balance of work and play in the RV world.
  • How to laugh at yourself and not take life so seriously.  More about Me
  • I LOVE Fritos.
  • I am 61 years old and shocked at what the lack of estrogen has done to my skin these recent years.
  • I am an encourager – I love that part of my life.
  • I admit I get distracted ALL the time by life happening around me, and it drives my husband (a lot) crazy.
  • I am a people person and find you fascinating.
  • A Cougar by age standards alone. Yep, I was born in 1957. My husband John was born in 1966.
  • A divorcee magnet. I run into you all the time. I’ve met you in line at Starbucks, in campground laundry rooms, dog parks, and I love talking with you.
  • I talk to God all the time- and he never seems to tire of my rants…
  • I am crazy proud of my two adult sons and daughter-in-law, but I won’t be embarrassing them here with stories of them.
  • I’ve got a ton of insecurities, that I will be unloading (and uploading) regularly.
  • I am vain…I color my hair and freak out when my jeans are a bit snug.
  • I admit I am more comfortable asking about you than telling about me. (sigh..)
  • I am all about cooking for large gatherings, and then usually I forget to put one item on the table.
  • I love boots and shoes and will check yours out when I meet you.
  • I’ve been on Mission trips to Peru and India and have never seen the world the same.
  • And lastly, I love my dog, Penny, the Cockapoo!

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