Announcing the winners of my latest giveaways and a sneak peek for another.

Hi, Girlfriends and Guy friends.

The first winners are…

Join me in congratulating Aaron and Tina Jones – winners of Laura Fahrenthold’s “The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles”. Oh, and check out their vblog at They’ve been on the road for two years in their 5th wheel and travel with a Great Dane and two cats.

Summer Reading?

As you recall, the interview with Laura Fahrenthold describes a poignant yet hysterical RV road trip. If you haven’t picked up your copy for your summer reading- now is the time to snag one. Click on the book below to order and let me know what your favorite part was.

Not naked

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about our naked RV wall and the story of how I got it un-naked with a personalized one-of-a-kind wall graphic. My nephew Karl Fay created the art, and I seized the opportunity to blog and brag on him – sharing how art enriches our relationships. And you have to read my post to find out WHY I had an extra wall art to give away.

And the 2nd winner is…

The winner of the wall art is….Betty Ramsey! Two weeks ago I chose a random, computer-generated number, and had no idea that I had chosen Karl’s aunt Betty who lives in Kansas. Betty is thrilled to adorn her wall with Karl’s art and it’s cool that we pretty much share the same core values and love for red hot convertibles!

Speaking of Core Values

Remember the challenge I gave you about writing them down to savor and enjoy? It will only take you like two minutes to print out and learn more about yourself in the process. Let me know what’s on your list. I’d love to hear from you. Maybe Karl can create a wall art to adorn your home. Or, do you want to see your Core Values on a T-shirt, coffee mug, or bumper sticker? Just ask Karl. He can create anything for you.

This brings us up to date with my giveaways, but I still have one more Relationshippy gift waiting for you.

A savory giveaway

Sometime in May, I’ll be posting my interview with author, chef, and friend Sherri Ewing Rahmanop. Her story begins in the wilds of Alaska where she hosted a gourmet TV cooking show.

*Sherri’s self-taught culinary journey began at the tender age of eight and rose to a pinnacle of success when her extreme catering business was featured on National Geographic and The Outdoor Channel. Her family business served upscale meals, in pristine outdoor settings, throughout remote Alaska.” ~ quote from Sherri’s website; Alaska’s Wild Gourmet

Like Laura Fahrenthold, a sudden tragedy pushed Sherri to process pain through travel, cooking, and the world of RV’ing.

Have I piqued your curiosity? If you cannot wait till the release date – check out the first chapter by signing up on Alaska’s Wild Gourmet. I’m excited to read Sherri’s story and enjoy the recipes contained in her book. You heard me right. A memoir with recipes!

And yes, one of my lucky subscribers will be chosen to receive an autographed copy of “Alaska’s Wild Gourmet”. Details on the giveaway will be found in my May post. Stay tuned.

Outta here

John and I are winding down here in Tucson Arizona and excited to hop on our route to the Philadelphia area where we will spend the summer seeing our adult sons and daughter-in-law.

On the way we’ll venture through the five National Parks in Southern Utah, traverse Colorado, check out three Harvest Host locations (Alpaca farm, Railroad Museum, and Goat farm!) head up to see family and friends in Wisconsin and Indiana and eventually land in the Philadelphia area.

Your turn

What are your summer plans? Are you setting up an adventure? Seeing family? Getting out of your comfort zone? Let me know where you’re headed. Maybe our paths will cross and we can meet up.

Before you go

Thought you’d like to read about the Tucson area before you leave. Check out Jonesn2travel’s article on the Arizona Sonoran desert. It will enrich your life!

Don’t forget to check out Karl Fay’s art at

Congratulations, Tina, Aaron, and Betty, and Happy Trails to all my readers!

Your Unlikely RV’ing Girlfriend,