Not going with the “Flo”

Hi, Girlfriends and Guy friends.




We are wrapping up a wonderful five-month visit to the Philadelphia area and enjoyed spending quality time with my two sons and daughter-in-law.  And now?  It’s time for us to begin meandering west towards Tucson, Arizona, where John will be working again this winter.

Back on the RV road

It’s fun planning these road trips.

John and I were eager to begin this new jaunt heading south through the Carolina’s beginning next week.  Our plan included a meet-up with several sets of friends.  It was going to be a delightful finish to our time on the east coast before beginning that westward trek.

Here is the RV Parky route we created four months ago:

Note where letters A, B, C, D, E, and F were going to take us next week.  Now, superimpose that map over the path shown below of where Florence is heading.


It’s like I purposely designed a travel plan directly into Florence!


Until yesterday, we were clueless with regard to the weather patterns forming in the Atlantic. Even my husband

a.k.a.the-wannabe-meteorologist-so-fascinated-by-weather-that-he-developed-an-alter-ego-named-Jacksh-who-shares-weather-peculiarities-with-me-daily missed the upcoming hurricane warnings.

In Jacksh defense, NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) had not yet even mentioned warnings about this impending hurricane.

(Check out Jacksh describing rainbows.)  Amusing.

Quick to cancel RV reservations

Lucky for us, our friend Cindy (from North Carolina stop “B” on the above RV Parky map) called yesterday to fill us in on the potential weather issues coming towards the Carolina’s.  I wasted no time canceling our reservations and began creating a new journey.



Here is a screenshot of our REVISED plan:

Heading West

We plan to get just west of Cincinnati and re-evaluate our options.

Jacksh says he’s comfortable with being about 500 miles away from the coast when Florence is due to hit.

Actually, Jacksh said “Getsh the H*#lsh awaysh from the coastsh, you Moronsh!”

Jacksh may sound stupid and have a lisp, but he really knows his meteorology.

We may rejoin our prior itinerary at that time- probably heading toward Memphis.

So disappointing…

I am disappointed to cancel our original RV road trip.  I’ve never explored the Carolina coastline and had researched numerous small communities to explore and bike around.

Plus, we wanted to meet up with friends Cindy and Mark in Elizabeth City and John’s friend Matt from Wilmington, North Carolina.  (John had met Matt when they both climbed Kilimanjaro earlier this year.)

I was anticipating a visit to Charleston, South Carolina revisiting John’s two-year stay while serving in the Navy.  Lastly, we had reservations to meet up with our friend Kay who lives in Greenville, South Carolina.

Not going with the Flo this time!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we hold our plans like jello.  Flexibility is a must-have in our RV lifestyle.  Our past three years of life on the road have proven that time and time again.

Oh, the irony…normally we go with the flow…but not this time.  We are going away from the Flo(rence)!

What is your story?

I love hearing the stories that you share with me.  We’ve all had last minute plans at one time or another.  Give me your best one in the comments below!

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