Someone loves your handwriting.

Merry Christmas, Girlfriends and Guy friends!  

I enjoy creating our annual Christmas Card and usually write a personal “hi” or note on each one before sealing the envelope.    But this year I encountered a problem.  The card stock I chose was black. Black ink pen on black card = failure to see what is written. 

So off to Michael’s, I went to get a white ink pen…and in case the white looked cheesy, I bought a gold and silver pen as well.  (50% off coupons helped me decide.) Guess what?  The purchased pens did not work.  The card stock was too soft.     

Dang…I thought about putting post-its on each card, but eww…tacky.     

And so, if you are on my card list, accept my public apology for no personal notes.  (John says I’m a bit crazy to think anyone would care….)

Who cares?  I care.

My white pen failure got me contemplating all things about handwritten stuff. My 2017 Christmas card seemed barren without my handwritten signature or a small note.  But why?  Why do I care about adding my personal signature to a card?  Is anyone with me on this one?  

Here’s what I think. 

When you and I pick up a pen to write- we create.  Our penmanship reflects us.  Handwriting experts (and our Second Grade teachers) agree. Our penmanship is as distinguishing as our fingerprints. Likewise, when I get a handwritten card or note, I want to keep it. It’s like you shared a little part of you with me. 

Can’t I Keep All My Handwritten Notes and Items?  More contemplation 

Entering the RV lifestyle forced me to re-evaluate how I was going to keep many sentimental handwritten items. The hardest items to decide on were held in a huge Rubbermaid container.  It held my son’s handwritten papers from their preschool years through high school.

It weighed right around 50 pounds. 

Yes, the papers were important, but my favorite part was seeing their ADORABLE personal handwriting. I could not part with them so I gifted these handwritten gems to my sons.  Now those treasures are safe in their homes.  I wanted them preserved for posterity, myself, and others to enjoy.    

Groupon in 2015

Secondly, I had over 50 photo albums of photos, numerous handwritten recipe cards, and a huge amount of sentimental cards and notes that I never had thrown away.  Six months before we went Fulltime in our RV I got a brilliant suggestion from an RV blog I read.  I found a Groupon with an 86% discount to have all my photo albums and sentimental cards scanned. 

Now?  We have three disks that hold hundreds of our photos/cards- taking negligible space in our RV. 

I could not part with these handwritten beauties:  


 It seems John is sentimental too. 

Probably why he hasn’t taken down these post-its I hid in his closet.  (Tink is his nickname for me):

Now, I’m Going to Save Your Handwriting! 

Five months before we hit the road I found myself at a Barnes and Noble looking for RV magazines. The aroma from the coffee bar was beaconing me.  I walked up to the counter to peruse the extensive list of coffee drinks.  As usual, I couldn’t justify the 500+ calorie, $5 splurge and ordered my usual $2.50 Americano with sugar-free vanilla syrup.  While I was waiting for my order, a bookcase caught my eye.  It was full of beautiful journals.  You know, the ones with the beautiful leather bindings?     

This one caught my eye: 

My Travel Log

Our new RV life needed this book! 

It was like this journal jumped off the shelf into my hands.  

I wanted this book.

I needed this book!

My imagination pictured all the people we would soon be calling friends.  This little book would preserve the handwritten notes from fellow travelers that we would share adventures with. I began to imagine the pages filled with all the different handwritings.  

46 Pages… So Far

This Journal gives me joy!  It sounds silly but it’s true.  Maybe you have signed our Travel Book?  If you have, your handwriting brings a smile to my face each time I see it.   

Now you might understand my frustration with not being able to write on that black card stock. 

Wanna Get One?

Hey friends, we all have special people who come into our life. We all need to practice our handwriting before we lose the skill completely!  Let’s bring back the scribbly scratchy handwritten word as a gift to those around us. Our Second Grade teachers would be happy to hear we are still practicing, but make sure your journal doesn’t have black paper.

 Grab one from Amazon below.  You’ll be glad you did!  



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