Our detour to Texas

 “Be gifted with wise flexibility.” 
― Angelica Hopes
 Hi, Girlfriends and Guy friends, Happy Labor Day from Texas! We hold all our “plans” like jello in this RV lifestyle.  Yup.  Because LIFE happens.  Last week, Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area, and we felt the jello slipping through our fingers.   We HAD to go to Texas.  Period.  Our hearts were tugging us there.  And, I had to write about THIS moving experience, not the planned blog post I had already created. Jello.  John and I quickly cancelled our travel reservations in Colorado and Utah for the next 4 weeks.  Instead of heading west from Kansas City, we turned south with Texas as our destination. On Wednesday, August 30th, we arrived at Mingo RV Park in Tulsa, OK.  After we ate a quick dinner at Applebees, we headed to Walmart to cram our Jeep full of supplies requested by the Red Cross.  John and I each took a cart, and had a blast filling them to the brim.  We grabbed diapers, formula, baby bottles, deoderant, shampoo, tampons, maxi pads, bottled water, blankets, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.   With the Jeep full, and ready to tow, we drove to our next stop, Lake Whitney Thousand Trails RV Resort in Whitney, Texas. As members we can stay for free for up to 3 weeks, so this decision was a no brainer.   So then a few days later, we are still here.  Site #A22.  A full 50 amp hook-up.  Waiting.  Waiting. Waiting. Luckily, we found an awesome Volunteer Fire Department that would take our donations.  It was like Christmas Morning!  We felt such joy in giving, and ended up spending about 45 minutes with the volunteers hearing about how they serve their community.  So utterly cool. However, volunteering with a large RV is not as easy as it seems. Here are SOME of our current options:

  • We could drive 56 miles to Dallas each day to the Mega relief center at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center to volunteer.  But that would mean leaving Penny in the coach each day for 8-10 hours, and LOTS of fuel costs.  Not good, especially since there is a fuel “shortage” in Texas this week. 
  • We can wait for RVDisasterCorps to get in touch with us, but our deployment might not be for several weeks.   
  • We can join up with one of the many local church teams in this area to gather donations, but we prefer to be more “hands on” than that. 
  • We can take a chance and drive to Lake Conroe, on the north side of Houston, and volunteer with any number of groups and really get into a hands-on experience.  This is really what we’d like to do, but the gasoline “shortage” is holding us (me in particular) back a bit. 

So there you have it.  We are waiting.   To be continued…. With love,Gretty      

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