Meet the secret man in my life

Hi, Girlfriends and Guy friends.

Ok, true confession time.

I’ve had this other man in my life for about 10 years now.  Actually, you were introduced to him a few weeks ago in my “Not going with the “Flo” post.

His name is Jacksh.

Humor when it’s needed the most

Jacksh is my husband John’s alter-ego who happens to have a lisp.  It’s kind of a long story how Jacksh showed up in our life, but I’ll sum it up this way.

There was a point in our dating relationship in 2009 when Jacksh provided a naughty-word-using-very-geeky-relationship-saving-humor-necessary-to-make-Gretty-laugh.

And it worked.

I was having a bad day and John recognized the need to snap me out of a downward emotional spiral.  Girlfriends, I know you’ve been there too, right?

When does he show up?

Besides showing up when I am emotionally a mess, Jacksh comes around when the weather is interesting.  He also enjoys our MFD’s.  (Mandatory Fun Days).

So, without further adieu, let me introduce to you my OTHER man, Jacksh… who keeps Life On The Road super funny AND educational.

Strap in and push the arrow to hear Jacksh extraordinary explanation of rainbows minus the unicorns…

Your Turn

Do you have a Jacksh in your world?  Tell me a story in the comments below.  I’d love to hear how you get through emotionally messy times.

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Your Unlikely RVer,


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