Mandatory Fun Days in our RV world

“Life would be a million times better if there were pinatas strategically placed throughout your day” 

Hi, Girlfriends and Guy friends.

Since my last two posts were about mechanical disasters in our RV- I figured it was time for a Pinata.

Looking at this photo makes me happy and inspired me to write about how our Mandatory Fun Days came about.

Tension in the marriage

John and I married eight years ago.  It was the second marriage for both of us and it goes without saying that we brought lots of emotional baggage into our wedded bliss.

Oh…and then the usual”life stuff” happened to us as well.

For instance, during our second year, we experienced the deaths of ten family and friends.  Yes, ten.  We found ourselves drained from grieving and the honeymoon phase of our marriage was definitely over.

During this year tension arose between us as we navigated the churning waters of communication.  (I am proud to say that we worked hard on our issues.)  I don’t want to sound simplistic, but our strategy to strengthen our marriage basically happened through two avenues.

Working hard at FUN

First, we attended MANY sessions with a marriage counselor over the course of a couple years.  Secondly?

We implemented Mandatory Fun Days.  Yup.

You read that right.  I remember the day we pinkie swore our allegiance to Mandatory Fun.  We were in an ICU waiting room in Independence, Missouri.  It was 2012 and we were sitting with John’s family while his fifty-year-old sister was near death and on life-support.

Because she did not have a living will, all decisions fell on the shoulders of us- the grieving family.  Several days of stressful conversations went by.  Her condition was not improving.  The family was exhausted.

Donuts to the rescue

About the fifth day, John and I woke up in our hotel room and knew what we needed to do on our way to the hospital.   We bought donuts. Several dozen donuts.  Next, we drove through Starbucks and ordered Venti-sized drinks for each family member.  Frowns and tears turned into smiles as we entered the waiting room and passed out the donuts.

Jacksh showed up

We reminisced about his sister’s life. We attempted to talk with a mouth full of donuts.  John’s alter-ego Jacksh” taught us the art of “extreme donut eating” (you invert iced donuts for the full chocolate impact on your tongue taste buds).  Chocolate was smeared on the table and crumbled napkins littered the couches.

The difficult decisions we had to face the following week did not disappear, but Mandatory Fun gave us the gift of laughter in the midst of the pain.

And thus, Mandatory Fun Days were born.

Keeping our sanity

Now, fast forward to 2015.  We decided to sell all our belongings and become RV nomads.  It was an enormous task to decide what got packed into our RV and what got sold.  One thing was sure; we had to pack Mandatory Fun Days into our new rolling home in order to keep our sanity.

Smoking brakes!

Our first Mandatory Fun Day in our RV lifestyle happened during our third month.  We were traveling from Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and it seemed like everything was going wrong.  First, we endured poor visibility in heavy downpours of rain.  Penny our dog had diarrhea inside the Jeep.  Traffic whizzed past us as our Thor Challenger barely maintained 25 m.p.h. up Wolf Creek Pass.  Going down the other side proved to be worse.

We had to pull off the road several times for smoking brakes.

We finally arrived safely, but our nerves were shot.  As we set up our site, I really needed a happy Pinata arrival…but instead, the motor to our overhead bed failed.

I burst into tears.

John held me in his arms and announced that tomorrow would be a Mandatory Fun Day.

Mandatory Matinees

Since it was raining, we decided to go to a matinee movie.  When the show was over we spontaneously decided to see another one.  We got two more tickets, loaded up on candy, and headed back into the theater.  It was a blast!  We enjoyed the Mandatory Fun Day so much that we decided to implement another one a few days later.

Our dumb luck had us in Santa Fe the same week of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, so we decided to attend opening day.  It was beyond awesome.  

Since then, we have experienced Mandatory Fun in every state we have visited.

Arizona Mandatory Fun Indiana Mandatory FunSo there you have it.  Before I leave, here are some questions to ponder:

  • Why isn’t Mandatory Fun a National holiday?
  • Shouldn’t your company have an annual Mandatory Fun Day?
  • Have you pinkie sworn your allegiance to Mandatory Fun?
  • If not, why not?
  • If Mandatory Fun was a National holiday, how would you spend it?

If you’re like me, you’re not finding Pinata’s strategically hung throughout your day- so mark your calendar with “MFD” and get started.

“You can discover more about a person from one hour of play than in a year of conversation”~ Plato

Happy Trails from your Unlikely RVer,


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