Introducing Penny the Relationshipping/RV’ing Cockapoo

Wag-wag, Girlfriends and Guy friends.  

Is it weird that I’m 35 and still live with my parents? 

My name is Penny and I’m going to be 5 (people years) old in June.  I’ve nudged Gretty (my owner) out of her blog space today so I can meet you.     

Not just a pretty face

Don’t look at me as just a pretty little dog. 

I’ve got brains and brawn besides the beauty thing going for me.  In fact, as we’ve traveled around the country these past 4 years I’ve earned several monikers- “Fluffy Human” “Mini Bear Grylls”, “The Bobcat Bomber”, “Dr. Sensitive”, “The Calming Maven”, and “Insightful Savant”.  But my main goal in life is to have a relationship with each of you and fill your day with joy.   

Any chance I get to hop on your lap and lay my loving on you- I’ll take. Here I am demonstrating my favorite relationshipping postures.  

More of me later

I plan to supplement this Unlikely RVer’s blog with a pawsitively fresh perspective on our RV lifestyle.  It’s the leashed I can do for Gretty.  (Sorry, corny joke.)  Join me as I talk about pets and campground etiquette and take you along on all our cool hikes and backpacking trips. If you like my posts write me a comment below.  

My TV Addiction made me famous

I almost forgot!  You can read about my muddy adventure in New Mexico or see photos of me as we traversed the nation. Actually, my photo shows up in quite a few of Gretty’s posts. 

Wanna see me feeding my TV addiction?  It’s really cheap entertainment– plus, it’s the only time I won’t sit on your lap.  Skim through the archives to see more of my cuteness.

Your turn to share and see more

Do you have a furry companion in your home or RV? Tell me how they make you smile, enrich your life, and lower your blood pressure. We all want to hear your story and see their photos.

Here is a link to Homestead Cockapoos where I was born. My momma is Aurora and my Daddy is Reggie. I get my long legs from my dad and my long eyelashes from my momma. You can see my photo on the homepage!

Here are some fun places where people share about their pets.

Signing off with a doggone slobbery lick.  I’ll be sure to pass along all your comments to Gretty while I get busy creating my next post for you.



P.S.  Dog is God spelled backward.

12 thoughts on “Introducing Penny the Relationshipping/RV’ing Cockapoo

  1. Hi Penny,

    Remember us? I couldn’t get enough of having you on my lap. You are a beautiful little lady and so full of personality. We love Gretty’s posts but you too are a wonderful blogger and we look forward to reading more.

    We will meet again one day,

    • I loved hogging your lap, Denise, as we enjoyed Nomadfest. Gretty and John promised me that we will meet up again, and I hope it’s soon! Sending slobbery licks for Kory too. Xoxo. Penny

  2. This is adorable! We leave Monday and safe travels to you too.
    Oh my, Penny, you have led such a fascinating and loved life…blessing’s to many more adventures with your family. I will keep waiting to hear more.

    • Hi, Pat. Sorry for my delay in replying…I’ve been traveling too. So happy that Penny brings joy to your world!
      See you in the Fall back at The Voyager, but in the meantime, we’ll keep in touch through FB.

  3. We love our Miss Penny. Not only is she cute, (wish I had half of those eyelashes) but smart and funny. The TV watching is absolutely the funniest thing ever. 😂. She has your love of people Gretty, and John’s love of the outdoors. The perfect fur baby 🐾❤️

    • Aww…thanks for your comment, Paula. She is just about the perfect fur baby, and you and Alan are officially a part of her larger pack! We loved spending quality time with you at The Voyager. Until we meet again, I am sending my air hugs and Hand Hugs as well!!! xoxo

  4. Hi my Penny Girl 🐾🐾I can hardly wait for the lap hugs 🤗 you give !! I’m super excited for your visit 🐾🐾❤️🤗🙏👍Safe travels my girl 🐾🐾

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