I blame my brother Paul, Part I

Hi, Girlfriends and Guy friends, I pretty much blame my brother, Paul, for our RV purchase and here’s how it happened. It was the day-after Thanksgiving in 2014. You know, Black Friday, when Americans dutifully drag their hung-over-turkey-stuffed-too-much-pie selves out of bed in order to feed the cyber-addiction of:I-must-be-first-in-line-at-4am-to-beat-the-crowd-and-save-10%-off-this-electronic-device-shopping. But not John and I (insert snobby face here). We aren’t Black Friday shoppers. We are Black Friday loungers who choose to linger over good coffee till late morning. We pride ourselves on what we have saved, and haughtily judge those who cannot contain their shopping mania. 

Camping World, here we come

But this 2014 Black Friday was going to prove to be different. John and I gave up our cozy fireplace, comfy pj’s, and coffee shop, to join my siblings at the Camping World parking lot in DeForest, Wisconsin, which wasn’t too far from our condo in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  You see, my brother Paul and my brother-in-law Dan had it in their minds to travel the country with my sister and sister-in-law in an RV. They were going to share an RV and spend time visiting their adult children and grandchildren, vacationing together (like they had frequently done in their younger years). Paul had been researching this RV idea for a few months, but this would be the first time he and his wife Jane, and Dan and his wife (my sister) Julie, were going to actually STEP INSIDE an RV. This was going to be fun to watch. Now mind you, John and I were tent campers. We poo-pooed all those big honking RV’ers who pulled in our campgrounds. We huffed and puffed- those glampers were sissies.  When we showed up at Camping World that day, it was simply to lend moral support to my siblings, and to perhaps consider “upscaling” our camping experience to a pop-up camper. I chuckled as I noted Paul’s checkbook jammed in his jeans back pocket. 


I’ll never forget stepping into that first Diesel Pusher. It was a 2009 Berkshire by Forest River. We entered the first RV and I gasped! My previously judgemental jaw dropped as my preconceived notions about ‘glampers’ flew out the oversized windshield! The 6 of us spent 2 hours gleefully galavanting between RV’s, photographing massive beauties, and imagining what life in a rolling hotel suite would be like. My sister-in-law Jane particularly liked the ones with the curvy couches. My sister Julie could be heard calling out from the kitchens about the nifty storage nooks she had found. My brother-in-law Dan liked the bunk bed models which would be perfect for taking some of the grandchildren on trips. None of us had data or knowledge about engine size, storage capacities, safety ratings or other semi-important stuff. And frankly, during that first Camping World experience we didn’t care. We were too busy swooning over the full size fridges and swivel front seats. 

Eating Humble Pie

Before we left Camping World, John and I knew we had to dutifully look at those darn pop-ups. John and I begrudgingly stepped into the first one we came to. Ugh. It was like stepping into an old VW Bug vs. a Lexus. We quickly exited…laughing out loud at ourselves, surprised by the swift rush of our newly found addiction into this RV world. 

The Dream begins here..

Eventually, my foursome family fizzled on their RV purchase plans- but John and I got set on fire with dreams of owning an RV.We went crazy reading everything we could get our hands on about the RV lifestyle. We were hooked, and wanted to buy one! Read I Blame it on my brother Paul, Part II, to see what we ended up with. In conclusion, I’d like to shout out a super sized THANK YOU to my brother Paul. His 2014 Black Friday shopping plans paved the way to the adventure we now live. 

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