Hi, I’m Gretty

Girlfriends (and Guy friends too) – Welcome to my blog.

My life drastically changed at 57 when my husband and I hit the road full-time in an RV.

Trust me. It was highly unlikely that I’d be a full-time RVer, but here I am.

And guess what else changed? 

My relationships with basically everyone.

Yup.  And I’m betting we have that in common.

This blog is for you if:

    • You are a woman, (but guys you can read it too).

    • You are an Unlikely RVer like me.

    • Your shining “dream life” has had speed bumps.  

    • You’ve experienced a divorce or loss of a long-term relationship.

    • You’ve had relationship tragedies and triumphs.
    • You and your partner (at times) see life through different lenses.

    • You’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the challenges of living in an RV full-time.

    • You like blue nail polish (just kidding)!

    • You occasionally feel untethered to the real world.

    • You need a good laugh.

I hope to encourage you by:

Promising to be real and vulnerable with you.

Giving you a voice to respond.

Letting you know you are not alone.

What you’ll learn:

You are not alone!

The importance of deepening our relationships on and off the road.

How to have an adventure wherever you are.

Finding the balance of work and play in the RV world.

How to laugh at yourself and not take life so seriously.