The Wedge of Allegiance, Cheeseburgers, and Touchdown dances- RV style.

Hi, Girlfriends.

I’ll admit it. 

My favorite thing about watching football is the excuse to eat a juicy cheeseburger with all the fixings, chow down on fries smothered with melted cheese, enjoy an adult beverage (or two), and hang out with friends at a restaurant to watch the game. 

 Are my girlfriends with me on this?

My team happens to be the Green Bay Packers.  One of the dilemma’s we faced as Full-time RVers revolved around how to watch the Packer game while galavanting from state to state. 

Since we did not have a satellite dish or the desire to pay $$ for sports channels, we looked for other ways to follow our favorite team. 

Luckily, a fellow RVer named Gary Friesen told us about the website;   

Bingo!  All we had to do was plug in our local zip code and up popped the name(s) of the nearest Packer restaurant/bar.   

The first one we visited was located north of Bayfield, Colorado, 35 miles from our RV campground.  As we approached this “well worn” restaurant- it didn’t look promising- but the parking lot was packed (pun intended). We entered the front door plastered with Packer paraphernalia. The bar area was surrounded by patrons dressed in green and gold.  Some had team jerseys on with names like Matthews and Rodgers, others wore football earrings, bright yellow tennis shoes, and even spongy cheesehead hats.  One gal had helmets painted on her cheeks.  

Pack Rats

It was awesome.  The menu had cheese curds.  John and I showed up with nothing to prove our Packer loyalty- except John’s Packer baseball cap.  

We joined in the mix and met ex-Wisconsinites and local rabid fans.   What we lacked in green and gold clothing, we made up for in our touchdown dance.

Yes, we had created this dance during our first year of marriage and have been performing it for every Packer touchdown for the past 7 seasons.  By the end of the game, and several touchdowns later, we had fans joining in on the dance. 

I don’t have photos from every Packer bar that we visited, but the following represent The Cheddarhead Pack of Houston/Spring/Woodlands. Put your hand over your heart and repeat the “Wedge of Allegiance”.  

Yup, they recite this prior to kickoff at each game. This is our friend, Rhonda, the amazing Cheddarhead Pack Assistant Manager!  Seriously?  Yes, the raffle included a Rodgers jersey!  Rhonda with her main man, Jordy Nelson.  Sigh…

In San Diego, we met up with our friends Tom, Kate, Lindsay, and Tierra, at a Packer bar. 

The outdoor seating was doggie friendly, and Penny loved the excitement of the game while living up to her reputation as the cutest dog on the planet.  Sorry no photo of her! So there you have it. 

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. Girlfriends and guy friends, see if your home team has a fan club like the Packers.  Check out this link to the most popular National League Football teams: Meanwhile, since the Packers did not make it to Super Bowl #52, February 4th, we will root for this year’s underdog from under the palms. 



Gretty, your Unlikely RVer

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