Announcing the winner of my first giveaway and 4 future chances for you to win!

Hi, Girlfriends.

Please join me in congratulating Ron and Tawnee Parrish as the winners of Julie and Marc Bennett’s (RVLove) bestseller “Living the RV Life”. And yes, this was an autographed copy!

Ron and Tawnee were selected at random and I contacted them by email to let them know they had won. Last night Ron responded to my email and gave ME a super surprise.

It just so happens that he and Tawnee are visiting the Florida Super RV show in Tampa, Florida where Julie and Marc are as well!

I contacted Julie and connected her to Ron and Tawnee so they could receive their free copy of “Living the RV Life” straight from the hands of Julie and Marc! I love how this first giveaway supplied a double “gifting” to Ron and Tawnee.

Ron and Tawnee are fulltime RVers and will be heading to Orlando after the Tampa show. They have been RVing since October of 2017.

Did you attend the Florida RV Super Show? If you couldn’t attend it’s easy to see some highlights on Julie and Marc’s FB page. They took tons of video, of course, and gathered volumes of information for all of us.

Here’s another thing that happened this week. I was contacted by my RV’ing Girlfriend Liz Wilcox of The Virtual Campground. She has just begun a Tuesday evening live Youtube show entitled TVC Live. I’ll be featured in one of her upcoming shows sharing a horror story in our RV experience. I keep ya updated on my Facebook page, for when it airs.

Hey Girlfriends and Guy friends, here is a sneak peek at my NEXT autographed giveaway slated to post on February 6th. (The other three I’m keeping under wraps just to frost you!)

I’ll be sharing an incredible Relationship and RV’ing story featuring Laura Fahrenthold, author of “The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles”. You are going to love this story!

Thanks for reading my blog and please let me know what you’re up to.

My subscribers are the best! I want to get to know every one of you. Cuz you know, I’m that Relational RVer and well as that Unlikely RVer.

Leave me a “howdy” in the comments below. While you’re at it, sign up for my blog!

Love from your Unlikely RVer,


5 thoughts on “Announcing the winner of my first giveaway and 4 future chances for you to win!

  1. very cool coincidence that Ron and Tawnee were at the Florida show at the same time as Julie and Marc. I bet they were thrilled to get the book straight from the hands of the author. So awesome.

    • What were the odds for this meet-up to occur? I loved that Ron and Tawnee’s surprise held a bonus surprise. Have you ever won a prize?

  2. Hey Gretty! I I had a wonderful time in AZ, and made it back to PA safely. I actually ended up being selected as the MVP of my class! It was such a pleasure to have met you, and I sincerely appreciated your encouragement as I set out on this huge adventure! God bless! 🙂

    • Hey, Amanda! So glad that we were seated next to each other for that 5 hour flight. You are a gem, and one of my new Girlfriends.
      I am not the least bit surprised that you were chosen to be MVP. You will soon be running the whole organization. Let’s keep in touch. You are the best! Xoxo. Gretty

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