About Gretty

I’m Unlikely.

First off, I’m an unlikely divorcee.

At age 47 my husband of 27 years left me for another woman (who was pregnant with his baby).  It was devastating and I thought highly unlikely.  From the outside – our marriage looked perfect.  My friends and family even referred to us as the Ozzie and Harriet of all married couples.

But inside?

Our marriage was never “good”.  When issues came up, my ex dealt by retreating, while my M.O. was to talk.

When I look back, it was incredibly lonely.

When he left, I was crushed by the pain, yet ironically, felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders.

Crazy stuff.

So, with my grown son’s blessings, I moved 900 miles away to be comforted by my siblings and family.  I threw myself into the healing process.

I sought out counseling.

I met each week with a Life coach from (One-to-One-Ministry).

She handed me tissues for my snotty nose and slowly I cried less.

Unlikely consequence #1

A year later, after 50 hours of training, I became a Life Coach.  I began meeting one-on-one with women who were suffering through the same thing I went through.

Next, I was asked to participate in a pilot series called DivorceCare.  We launched, and it was hugely successful.  In 3 years, our team of 12 facilitators watched 300 people navigate the program.  It was exhilarating to experience our participant’s movement toward a healthy future.

Unlikely consequence #2

Unbeknownst to me, I’d fall in love again.

John was also a facilitator in the DivorceCare program.  We worked side-by-side for 3 years.

I thought he was a geek.

As we worked together, I noticed that this geek was not just a friend, but a man who embodied qualities necessary for a healthy relationship.  Integrity, honesty, humor, humility, and a servant’s heart.

Very sexy.

And very unlikely.

We married in 2010.

The CRAZIEST Unlikely thing

John and I bought an RV in 2015 and sold everything we had.


I never knew I’d be Grettytheunlikelyrver.  I’d never even camped before. Heck, neither one of us had ever stepped foot inside an RV prior to Black Friday of 2014.

We have no regrets.

You’ll have to read my first few blog posts to laugh at all the mistakes we made!

Our life as Nomads is NOTHING AT ALL what I dreamed it would be.

It. Is. Better.

Not perfect, but surely adventurous and exciting.

Unlikely Relationships and Relation-shit

In 3 years of travel, I have met hundreds of amazing people.  I have also met hundreds of dogs and their owners!

I love hearing the stories that people have.  I love to connect people to others they may have something in common with.

I even enjoy being the sounding board for people’s relation-SHIT.  Sometimes we just need a pair of ears to listen to us, right?

My goal with this blog is to bolster your health and make you laugh!

I’ll be sharing the following:

  • my RV travel tales
  • Guest blogs about healthy relationship living
  • Inspirational artwork/expressions from guest artists
  • Stories of pets and their effect on our health
  • Articles and trusted authors to help you with anxiety and unhealthy relationships

I’m excited to serve you and share with you.  Please let me hear back from you.

I love to connect with my new Girlfriends!